Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Commute: Riding the MAX

As February comes, the morning begins to break on my daily commute; it has progressed from faint blue, to pink clouds, and onward towards sunrise.  There are the few people who I see daily on the train, starting at the Expo center, and the kids that seem to come in a rush of wind and noise, just as quickly dissipate at the next stop, and again silence.

I sit there and begin my daily routine of eating the snacks which my lovely wife has prepared for me this morning, usually some chips or beef jerky.  I'll either read or work while waiting for the stop where I'll get off and transfer.  Sometimes I think about what the day will hold, other times about days gone by.

As I tried to catch a couple more minutes of shut eye, the sun, ever tenacious,  kept darting out from behind passing trees and buildings, shining its light about and welcoming everyone to a new day.  After a short struggle, and a quick debate in my head, I gave in to its persistent call to be awake and savor.

Often I enjoy reading on my Kindle with the many e-books I have accumulated over the last year, traveling through magical worlds of wizards and sorceresses, or into the evanescent future.  Many a ride has gone by while reading in these wonderful worlds.  Strangers my come and go, sitting next to me, or across, but I was not there, I was in another realm; a realm of kings and queens, of elves and orcs.

After a day at work I have a second chance of this magical journey.  It seems to be a transient state of stepping out of the rush of work into a separate world where anything is possible.  You never know what conversation you may have, or what people you may meet.

The way home today was a memorable day on the MAX, one to have us remember the good things in life.  We had a conductor reminiscent of an old grandfather talking of yesteryear, in a friendly, comforting voice, commenting on the lady dressed as the Statue of Liberty on the platform, the man with the white hat who ran across the tracks in front of the train as it was coming to a stop, and the announcement over the intercom of the vibrant rainbow that is on his left.  The mundane silence between strangers was broken as comments of the rainbows beauty meandered about the stagnant air.

An old friend joined me after the transfer, he usually catches an earlier train but was delayed today.  We talked of how are families are doing, of work and commute.  He encouraged me to try bicycling to the transit station this summer mentioning how the exercise was great.

At last, the final stop came, we both departed and it was back to my normal life, away from the light rail train.  Until tomorrows commute, another untold story awaits.