Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's Resolution 2013

This year I have begun again as countless others around the world surely have, by setting some new year's resolutions to improve our lives and hopefully the lives of those around us.  As often times I find myself trying to do too much with the little time that we have on this mortal plane I have come to a decision to limit the goals that I set for this year and to make them levelheaded, sensible and pragmatic.  Though one may surely shoot for the moon, he quite likely will often end up only hitting the ceiling.  Many of my projects in years past are suitable to be described by a certain Chinese idiom, tiger head snack tail, meaning I start out strong and then fizzle out before the end.

    For this year I have chosen to both push myself in my abilities, but remain focused enough that I will not be overwhelmed.  As a computer programmer, software engineer, and an amateur blog writer most of my goals are set with the computer in mind.  Not least among these is a launch of a site that uses my ability to translate English, however poorly, to Chinese.  This site has not yet officially launched, but perhaps some people may find it through doing a Google search.

    Each week I want to work on a new project and push to get it finished.  Sometimes this may be a piece of a larger project that will take longer amount of time to finish, others my be just scratching an itch that I have.  Some projects may be designing and planting a garden along with planting and harvest schedule.

    Each day I want to write a blog entry to share my thoughts with the world and let the world decide if I am worth listening to.  I will choose topics such as current events, religion, science and politics.  If any reader of this blog has an idea of a topic for me to write about, feel free to email me at

    Ham radio has been an interest to me for a while but I just have not set out to actually get my license.  I resolve this year to prepare each month on learning the math and science behind ham radio and to do my best to get my Extra License.  I have proved in days past that I can easily pass the General License test, but I want to go the extra mile, stretch myself and my understanding and to hold that honor that can only be gained through diligent study and mastery.

    Although this may be fairly cliché, another of my new year's resolutions is to lose weight.  When I got back from serving a mission in Taiwan in 2008 I weighed about 170lbs, now I am pushing 215lbs and maintaining it plus or minus a couple.  This year I have convinced my wife to join me at the gym and three times a week we will do aerobics together and twice a week strength training.  I believe with a second person this will help me to keep my goal to get down to 180 by July or August.

    One goal I have for this year I am not sure if I can obtain it though, that is to start a Freethinker meeting every month.  I enjoy reason and logic, for that is the foundation of the universe.  All the technology that we have today is based upon these two principles.  My profession (a computer programmer) basks in it daily and would be impossible without.  This is one that may simmer on the back burner, but given the opportunity will mature to a roaring boil and a delicate delight.

    Recently I have been left with awe and wonder on how magnificent this world is and the short spasm of life that we have here in mortality.  If we think of the billions of years before that led up to this moment it is not hard to realize the rarity of now.  This time is so unique in the universe, where stars can be seen in our night sky, and man is here upon the Earth.  My biggest push this year is to get out and enjoy life, not just live another year.  Do those things which I have been putting off for months or years, do them right now while I am unencumbered.  This is my New Year's resolution: I resolve this year to enjoy life and to accomplish that which I set out to do.

Feel free to leave your own New Year's Resolutions in the comment section.

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