Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Voted For Gary Johnson

For the past six years I have really been out of politics, never really involved before.  I was living in a different country at the time, and although I got my absentee ballot and voted, I never really took the time to care about everything that I was voting for.
Somehow this year was different.  I started off by watching the Republican Primary debates online.  It was during these debates that I first heard Ron Paul speak.  The more I heard him speak, the more I thought about the issues he mentioned, the more I realized that I too wanted personal liberty, freedom from oppressive taxes, a great desire for a non-intervention foreign policy.


Although Gary Johnson didn't do as well as we had hopped I still don't regret voting for him.  Voting for Gary Johnson gives me the right to say "I didn't vote for that" when Obama continues his fight against civil liberties, or sends more troops overseas to be maimed or slaughtered, or when he sends FBI agents to raid marijuana facilities in Washington or Colorado.
As I have learned more of what "Republicans" stand for I have found that I am not even close.  How can I associate with those that believe that pro-choice is the same as pro-abortion.  For those of you who think that please read this very well written article: How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement. What about gay marriage?  Should we not be free to choose?  They aren't going to force me to be gay.  How about marijuana, education, or a non-interventionist philosophy to foreign policy?  When I first heard Gary Johnson speak I was a little weary of him, but I found out that all the things that I believed to be true he did too.  I think we are all libertarian at heart.


Going along this trend for liberty I also voted for Washington's Marijuana legalization initiative I-502.  Even though chances are that I probably won't be one using marijuana, it at least gives me the choice if I want to self prescribe anti-depression or pain medication.  Why should I have to seek Western Medicine for all my ailments?  Does not even the Bible declare all herbs fit for man?  But let us not derive all our knowledge from holy books that are held true by some, what does science tell us?  We'll know within the next decade as UW and WSU begin to receive funds from I-502 specifically for this purpose.
What was strange about the Washington marijuana initiative was that a lot of the opponents were from the pro-pot movement.  A lot said it was too restrictive, especially with the DUI portion of the law.  What I feel is that it is a step in the right direction, and once now it is legalized we can work on correcting the law, but at least mere possession will no longer be a crime, use neither as long as you don't drive.  In the decade to come we will see this leash loosened.


This, above all others, has been a hot topic of debate.  Referendum 74 is concerning same-sex marriage.  Although personally myself I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman I am not going to force others to follow my own beliefs.  The availability of marriage has not deterred those that have same-sex attraction from seeking out to be, in every way legally possible, a spouse to someone the love.  If you happen to believe that this is immoral try to think of the atrocities that have happened to fight against homosexuality.  Alan Turing, key principle in World War II in deciphering the Germans encryption, committed suicide rather than be chemically castrated.  With this so-called defence of marriage, have us, heterosexuals, really done so much to deserve the sole title of marriage?  How much divorce is there?  How many abusive relationships are there?  How many choose not even to get married?
Despite my personal beliefs in marriage I have an even firmer belief in liberty.  I believe that the force of law has no power to bestow morality upon a people, but that morality comes from a far different place than law.  Even our scientists agree on this and declare that morality is far more intuitive than we may believe.
I could no longer support this kind of discrimination, who am I to force my beliefs on others.  Is it not much more of a testament of love or devotion to choose rather than to be forced?  Therefore I voted Yes on R-74.


Hopefully some of those who read this may have their conciousness raised and begin to understand what the fight is really about.  It is about control, self control vs government control.  It is about the freedom to choose for ourselves this day who we will serve.  In each measure I looked at I thought of which one gives me my own choice and which one forces my choice on others and that is how I voted. May we all go forward on this road towards liberty, which has been slowly evolving throughout the ages as those rare individuals are willing to put forth these ideas and to encourage others to choose for themselves.

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